Professional Vibers

The funniest server on discord (real)

To start off, a little bit of viber lore (pov me!!)

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It was a nice evening when I decided to give some vc channels in Mudalads a go. I was too shy to talk so I decided to go to the music channel, as I have tried doing that before and it was pretty fun. There were a couple of people there already, including Luca, Nara, Muda, and of course, Groovy. Groovy’s profile picture was incredibly satisfying to look at, all of those collections of colors together looked wonderful. At last, I decided to queue a song, that song was “Arabic Phone Ring” if I remember correctly. That song was followed by another and soon conversation started between me and the members of the call. Like this, hours passed. We endlessly queued songs, talked, vibed, sent stupid dancing gifs. During all of this time groovy was with us. That was on 30th August, a night that started so many things.

After that, more people started joining the vc, in total there were more than 10 of us. We decided to make a group chat but group chats are capped at 10 people, so we decided to create a discord. Shrek made the server, the picture was set as the groovy logo, and that was the start of “Professional Vibers”.

At first, we didn’t want to use groovy in our server, as we wanted to continue meeting up in the “narancias-boombox2” channel in Mudalads. However, as time flew by, Groovy was the highlight of everyone’s evening on our server. Slowly, we abandoned Mudalads, and started talking in Professional Vibers.

A few days in the history of the server, the “Gucci Gang” movement? Cult? Idk thing was formed. Everyone changed their profile pictures to a jojo character with shades. For some reason, the gucci gang server was created. I do not recall the reason why exactly that happened. I think it was something about the rules being too harsh, but that’s not the point. The Gucci Gang server took away most of the clout of the Vibers server and it was kind of a weird time. Groovy was of course with us all along.

A couple of months later the infamous Great Collapse happened. Admin was given to the wrong people, the channels were deleted, the memories were gone, people were kicked. Of course all of that managed to get reversed, most of the people that were kicked were invited back, and the server was kinda back to normal again. The funny thing is that the Great Collapse revived the server, because so many people were again aware that it exists. We talked it out in vc straight after, and of course Groovy was with us.

Countless days have passed since then, it has been a year since that magical vc night. We had events, movie nights, all nighters, art streams, twitch streams. The whole mudae thing happened too. Man, we made so many wonderful memories. The among us events! Luca managed to get affiliate with the help of Vibers basically. A ton of memories were made during this year. I just realised I'm not talking about Groovy too much lmao.

Damn if all of the corona stuff didn’t happen, this wouldn’t happen. Ahhh this is so crazy to think about lmao. I didn’t think discord of all things would be such a big part of my life. ANYWAY GROOVY

During all of these memories, Groovy was there. Groovy was basically watching over us, all of the stupid shit we did, all of the rickrolls and shit. The persona concert and the dudduu spam in the mudae channel. Damn those were fun times. The prefixes changed so much too! Groovy’s original prefix is “-” we changed it to ” /” and after slash commands were added its now the famous “fuck”.

As most of you know, the server was formed on September 4th, Groovy won’t live until that day. Groovy dies tomorrow, on 30th August. Out of all bots on discord, Groovy is my favorite. Providing us constantly with music and entertainment, lmao how much fun we had queueing random words and getting a song or a video in return. That was actually how we found great songs like “Ya habibi” or “Sexy da Forever”, andd other songs that I definitely remember. Man my playlist has almost doubled from the songs I added because of Groovy.

Anyways, I should wrap this up, thank you for reading all this lol.

Groovy, you were definitely one of the highlights of my day when I logged onto discord, so I thank you for that. Rest in peace soldier, I will never forget you.

RIP Groovy 2016-2021